Training Sessions Schedule

A child can start Volleyball at the age of 5.

Training at young ages should be consistent with the biological growth. The prevailing perception for modern volleyball is that the maximum technical and contest abilities should be given, as early as possible. Volleyball improves physical abilities: Speed-Strength-Stamina-Agility-Flexibility

Coach role is to develop positive elements in young people: Courage-Persistence-Initiative-Discipline. He/she has a duty to inform for individual hygiene, proper nutrition and essential study.

What is Taught?

“Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body”

Acumen and ingenuity are essential in order to recognise the direction, the angle and the speed of the ball and high IQ is an advantage! We are discussing daily with our athletes how necessary is school study and that combined with volleyball develops the perfect body.


Socialisation through sports increases self-esteem and develops personality.

Courteous Competition

Competition and winning represent young people with visions and objectives.  The courtesy to acknowledge the defeat shows bravery and courage.

Fair Play

The path of corruption is easy, whereas the path of virtue is difficult. Fair play is a way of living and represents the values of Lemesos Volleyball.

Smile in every face

It is our concern to have and develop happy kids.